You have the opportunity to receive constructive, objective comments on your work in progress with our Script Notes service.

Getting feedback from someone who isn’t a friend or relative in the early phases of your project can make all the difference…and we’re here to help.

  • Submission + Flash Feedback: For an extra $5 on top of your $25 submission fee, we'll send you a couple of sentences of general feedback - to give you a head start on the next draft.

  • Submission + Script Notes: For $45 you get entry into this month's LiveRead selection process, AND you'll receive up to half a page of helpful notes on the pages submitted.
  • Script Notes: If you just want notes on your 30 pages (maybe you know you can't make this month's reading), then the fee is $40... but please note, your script will NOT be eligible to be selected for the LiveRead.

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"Awesome notes! I will take heed and get back on the horse and rewrite with your notes in mind. I haven't touched this script in 2 years so just submitting it and getting your opinion was a win for me. Thanks so much! This will help a lot."  - Chris Pavlak

"Thank you so much for your awesome and insightful feedback. These are great notes. I'm inspired to dive back in and rewrite this bad boy." - Nick Alverson

"I appreciate that your feedback was kind and positive. Believe me, sometimes you get feedback with a less than friendly tone and it makes it really hard to see the critiques." - Elizabeth Quinn

"Thanks for the kind words and the good suggestions. I'll use them. And you will see a rewrite." - Townsend Walker

"Howdy Tim, This has been an outstandingly positive experience for me. You are the greatest.  I thank you for being so encouraging to this student writing a sitcom pilot for the first time. You have pointed out the deficiencies in a manner that allows me to still feel I am in control of the project." - Bear Kosik

"Thanks for the notes - very well thought out. I will have a think about how I can incorporate the changes you suggested." - Michael Egan