SERVICES: Script Notes, Script Coaching, Hosting your own LiveRead Event


You have the opportunity to receive constructive, objective comments on your work in progress with our Script Notes service.

Getting feedback from someone who isn’t a friend or relative in the early phases of your project can make all the difference… and we’re here to help.

  • Submission + Flash Feedback: For an extra $10 on top of your $25 submission fee, we'll send you a couple of sentences of general feedback - to give you a head start on the next draft.

  • Submission + Script Notes: For $45 you get entry into this month's LiveRead selection process, AND you'll receive up to half a page of helpful notes on the pages submitted.
  • Script Notes: If you just want notes on your 30 pages (maybe you know you can't make this month's reading), then the fee is $40... but please note, your script will NOT be eligible to be selected for the LiveRead.

For notes click here:


" Excellent notes, wow, thank you!  I mean that truly. I'm really excited to incorporate your ideas because I didn't like the exact same things which you pointed out, but couldn't quite get past it. You said it so perfectly, and I'm thrilled!  Thanks again, Tim. I'm indebted to you for your generosity.  You're a class-act." - Paul C.

" Awesome notes! I will take heed and get back on the horse and rewrite with your notes in mind. I haven't touched this script in 2 years so just submitting it and getting your opinion was a win for me. Thanks so much! This will help a lot."  - Chris P.

" I appreciate that your feedback was kind and positive. Believe me, sometimes you get feedback with a less than friendly tone and it makes it really hard to see the critiques." - Elizabeth Q.

" Thanks for the kind words and the good suggestions. I'll use them. And you will see a rewrite." - Townsend W.

" Howdy Tim, This has been an outstandingly positive experience for me. You are the greatest.  I thank you for being so encouraging to this student writing a sitcom pilot for the first time. You have pointed out the deficiencies in a manner that allows me to still feel I am in control of the project." - Bear K.

Script Coaching:

LiveRead/LA's Creator & Series Director, Tim Schildberger, an experienced/award winning writer, is the person behind the Flash Feedback and Script Notes services that have proven so popular. As our testimonials show, writers are getting great value from Tim's thoughtful, objective feedback. So we're expanding Script Notes into more personal, and more comprehensive assistance. 

Tim is now available for one-on-one personal script consulting. We're doing this because Tim genuinely cares about the writers who submit, and it's become clear his knowledge, insights and ability to communicate respectfully is helping  empower writers as they dive into the all-important re-write phase (which every writer knows, sucks). This package gives the writer, and Tim, a chance to roll up their sleeves, and get to work bringing the most out of the idea being explored. 

Our basic package includes:

  • Tim reads your entire project, and delivers comprehensive general written feedback regarding structure, characters, dialogue, scene description and the all important 'emotional connection'. There is no 'page minimum' for feedback because who really needs 10+ pages of notes?
  • Tim will be available for a one hour call, skype session, or personal meeting (if you're based in Los Angeles) to discuss your project, answer questions, and provide some assistance to help you move in a direction you feel good about - creatively and structurally.
  • Tim will then read a second draft within 30 days - and provide additional written feedback.

The fee for this package:

    • TV Pilot   - 30 min                                                   $395
    • TV Pilot   - 60 min                                                   $445
    • Feature Screenplay (max 120 pages)         $525
    • Feature screenplays over 120 pages -            $3 per additional page.

Script Coaching can be important - and as our happy writers will tell you, Tim's advice, encouragement and desire to help you improve your pages can make all the difference.

For coaching select from the options below:

We can help you host your own LiveRead:

LiveRead/LA can help you or your company hold your very own LiveRead. If you have the content; screenwriting contest material, script, play, short story, etc... we can provide the rest! From finding a location, to reading/ narrowing down content for the event, to casting actors, to coordinating the logistics. We can help you hold an intimate "salon" style reading or a full on LiveRead at a theater.

Describe what you want and we'll help you best we can!