" Tim has helped sharpen many of my scripts by pinpointing what needs work and providing specific fixes for the rewrite. He has the gift of finding the emotional essence of a story even if it is hidden under pages of first draft bloat. Highly recommend." 

- Shawn Boxe - Writer, Silicon Valley


We offer comprehensive script consulting services with LRLA Founder/Moderator and highly respected script coach, Tim Schildberger.

A Message from Tim:

Everyone needs assistance when writing anything…it’s a necessary part of a successful writing process. The challenge is finding someone who’s opinion you trust, and who has the insights and experience to actually help.
I’ve been writing for thirty years, and helping other writers for almost as long. I’ve made all the mistakes. I’ve hidden behind pride, stubbornness and ego…especially when it came to re-writes. But I’ve also studied, and grown, and developed the skills to help other writers.
My script consulting approach focuses on finding out exactly what story you feel driven to tell, then helping you tell that story effectively. Technical details are important, but so is finding an emotional connection between you, your work, and your audience. So many writers spend so much time doing things to their characters (story), and almost no time showing how the characters feel about what’s happening. It’s those moments that make all the difference, because it allows the audience to care.
I look forward to helping you with every aspect of this writing process, because nothing is more satisfying to me than helping others. 
- Tim

If you would like Tim’s help with your project, we have a couple of options:

Our basic package includes:

- Tim reads your entire project, and delivers comprehensive general written feedback regarding structure, characters, dialogue, scene description and the all important 'emotional connection'. 
- Tim will be available for a one hour call, skype session, or personal meeting (if you're based in Los Angeles) to discuss your project, answer questions, and provide some assistance to help you move in a direction you feel good about - creatively and structurally.
- Tim will then read a second draft within 30 days - and provide additional written feedback.

  • TV Pilot   - 30 min                                                  $395        
  • TV Pilot  - 60 min                                                   $445        
  • Feature Screenplay (max 120 pages)        $525     
  • Feature screenplays over 120 pages -            $3 per additional page
If you need help turning an idea into a script, fixing a difficult second act, or just want Tim to read your work and offer some notes, you can choose our "Hourly Option" below. Please email us for details -
  • Hourly Option                                                          $100 per hour


" Tim’s notes cut to the heart of a matter and truly help in developing a well-rounded character and world. I absolutely value his opinion and honesty." - Ubah Mohammed - Writer, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW), The Whispers (ABC)

" A writer isn't so much a writer as they are a rewriter. That rewrite process begins with the notes. I'm happy to report that I've been on the receiving end of Tim's notes on numerous occasions. He has an innate ability to zero in on a script's strengths and weaknesses. But he doesn't just point out what's wrong. Tim also has solutions for fixes. That is extremely valuable for any rewrite process. As a writer himself, Tim understands the process and is very empathetic to the journey a writer takes from fade in to fade out. Every script can improve with targeted notes and that's what Tim always delivers." - Rick Bitzelberger - Creative Director, Informant Media

"Tim has a keen eye for spotting vulnerabilities in story, pacing, and structure. His feedback on several of my scripts has been invaluable. I highly recommend his services for those that are serious about taking their work to the next level."
Lloyd Gilyard Jr. - Writer, The Good Doctor (ABC)

" Tim has one of the best story senses of anyone I know. He can always be counted on to locate whatever problem exists in a script and then, make a great suggestion on how to fix it. He has a no-nonsense, analytical understanding of story and character, which is very rare. Everything I write, I always run by him."Gregg Ostrin - Screenwriter, TV writer, Playwright

Select coaching option below:

We can help you host your own LiveRead:

LiveRead/LA can help you or your company hold your very own LiveRead. If you have the content; screenwriting contest material, script, play, short story, etc... we can provide the rest! From finding a location, to reading/ narrowing down content for the event, to casting actors, to coordinating the logistics, we can help you hold an intimate "salon" style reading or a full on LiveRead at a theater. Describe what you're looking for and we'll help you best we can!


" Tim Schildberger’s LiveRead/LA is an incredible and invaluable opportunity for writers to have their work read aloud by professional actors and receive constructive feedback. Having had the privilege of two of my screenplays – works in progress- read by these awesome actors, I was able to take away a deeper understanding of what was working on the page and what was not.  Tim’s insight, intelligence and support of the writer is what is at the core of this fantastic initiative." - Cathy Strickland  - Screenwriter; Love Child, A Place to Call Home, Emerald Falls