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- Tim

'Isolation' Writing Challenge winners below:

- Mike McDonald's 'Cat' reading HERE

- Natalie Wetta's 'Fantasy' reading HERE

- Rowan Meyer's 'Love' reading HERE

- 'Brittle Trombone' challenge winner Tony Ferrendelli's reading  HERE

'The Best Screenwriting Contest You've Never Heard Of' 



  • A Screenwriting Competition/Event Series – giving writers a chance to hear their words read by professional actors live, get constructive feedback from an ‘Industry Insider' in a safe and supportive environment, and providing a place for writers of all skill levels to meet, connect, contribute and learn.
  • A Writing Workshop - A series of innovative and unique workshops with writing exercises and professional actors reading everything, all focused on improving creativity and emotional connection with story, characters and the all important audience.
  • A Coach/Consultation Service  - Work one-on-one with our founder and Head Judge Tim Schildberger, an experienced writer and highly regarded script coach to help focus, connect, and sharpen your skills and your project - no matter your experience level.
  • A Community – A ‘creative safe space’ - Everything we do is designed to help writers explore and improve their creative process and emotional bravery, and to help them connect with other writers.

" The LiveRead/LA event is the kind of supportive community screenwriters dream about, with great actors and an insightful moderator leading the exchange of constructive feedback.  It was an honor to be a guest and I look forward to coming back soon!" 

- Mickey Fisher – Creator,  ‘Reverie’ (NBC), 'Extant' (CBS) and our Industry Insider, August 2017

"LiveRead/LA is amazing - I received incredibly constructive feedback, plus seeing a portion of my script read live by professional actors was a truly special experience."

- Natalie Higdon - Winner, LiveRead/LA #25, January 2020.

"I can honestly say my reading from LiveRead/LA started me on the marathon that has led to more competition placements, personal validation and representation. I'm forever grateful to you and the team."

- David A. Flores - Winner, LiveRead/LA #4, January 2017 (pictured with 'Insider' Monica Levinson), now repped by Literary Manager Sean Woods, Fourward.

March INSIDER:  

Sean Woods - Literary Manager - Fourward


Tony Cammarata

- El Punk

Dillon Magrann-Wells

- Get Lost


Stuart Creque - The Monster of Clearwater 
Ari Frenkel- Waterville
Mary Goldman- The Redemption of Frank Malone
Phillip Hollins - Blackballed
Josh Naquin - Bigfoot Killed My Mom
Mario Rivas - Stormtrooper 
Adam Sypnier- Doomed
Paul Zeidman- The Iron Horse of Lucy Steele