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 EARLY BIRD DEADLINE:  Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 - Midnight PST

 FINAL DEADLINE - Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 - Midnight PST

Hearing your words spoken by professional actors is a vital part of the creative process. Getting feedback from fellow writers and industry professionals in a calm, respectful space is just as important. Which is why we're here.

We're giving 2 writers a chance to hear their words read aloud... flaws and all. It's a rare and special chance to hear how your script is progressing, and work on one of this industry's toughest skills... receiving notes. Writers who attend the reading get to hear other people's work, give constructive notes, and meet someone on the inside of this crazy business. Re-writing is a crucial phase of the creative process. Listening to different scripts and thinking about feedback helps you identify strengths and weaknesses in your own work which will help you in the re-writing/polishing process - we guarantee it.


  • You pay a small submission fee ($30 - earlybird, $35 standard) and send us up to 30 pages of your script as a PDF FILE. You can send us less than 30 pages - don't worry.
  • We accept screenplays, TV pilots, specs, short films, web series, even stage plays. ANY GENRE.
  • You can submit from anywhere because we live stream the reading . So, if your script is selected and you're not Los Angeles based you can watch online and receive all the feedback live.
  • We read and select 2 writers to have their work read by actors at our monthly live read presentation. 
  • We start fresh every month. No holdovers, but we'll give you a discount if you re-write and re-submit. Or just re-submit. But we'd prefer you did a re-write.
  • You have the opportunity to receive constructive, objective comments on your submission with our Script Notes service:  For an extra $40 you get entry into this month's LiveRead/LA competition, AND you'll receive up to half a page of objective, helpful notes on your pages from our Founder/Director Tim Schildberger - a writer and highly respected script coach. For more details on Tim - go to our Consulting page here.


" Excellent notes, wow, thank you! I mean that truly. I'm really excited to incorporate your ideas because I didn't like the exact same things which you pointed out, but couldn't quite get past it. You said it so perfectly, and I'm thrilled! Thanks again, Tim. I'm indebted to you for your generosity. You're a class-act." - Paul C.

" Awesome notes! I will take heed and get back on the horse and rewrite with your notes in mind. I haven't touched this script in 2 years so just submitting it and getting your opinion was a win for me. Thanks so much! This will help a lot."  - Chris P.

" I appreciate that your feedback was kind and positive. Believe me, sometimes you get feedback with a less than friendly tone and it makes it really hard to see the critiques." - Elizabeth Q.

" Thanks for the kind words and the good suggestions. I'll use them. And you will see a rewrite." - Townsend W.

" Howdy Tim, This has been an outstandingly positive experience for me. You are the greatest. I thank you for being so encouraging to this student writing a sitcom pilot for the first time. You have pointed out the deficiencies in a manner that allows me to still feel I am in control of the project." - Bear K.

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