Our Biggest Success Story Yet!!

Huge Congrats to the writing team of Ari, Jonny and Justin, (December  2018 winners) whose script impressed our 'Insider' Chris DeFaria (now ex CEO Dreamworks Animation) so much, he passed it onto his Development Exec.  Who was then replaced.

But the new Development Exec went through with the meeting...and then scheduled another meeting, which was held recently, and went so well there will be a THIRD meeting soon!!  A project is now inching it's way up the chain of command at a major studio!!!

We are incredibly proud of the guys, (who don't have Lit Representation yet),  and really psyched that all this is happening because of our competition.

Thanks again to everyone who has entered. This just proves you never know what may happen if you enter your script into something. So work hard, build command of your craft, and get your words out there!


- Tim