September Update


As you cruise around our constantly evolving website, you'll see we've added links to the youtube channel which has all of our most recent reads. Thanks again to everyone who came to our last one - it was awesome.

You'll also see we've expanded our notes/feedback services. Our Director Tim is now available for one-on-one coaching - which we're confident will be super helpful.

We're also about to host our first LiveRead/Lab - which is exciting. There'll be more in 2018 - so if you're interested, we suggest adding your name to our email list so you can be first to enroll when we open the doors.

And finally...we've now got our own PODCAST!!  We're taking the Q&A section from our LiveReads, and turning them into really interesting audio experiences. Here's the link:

Thanks again for visiting, and we hope to read/see you soon!