Success Story #1

Our very first LiveRead/LA winner, Hannah Dillon, has made great progress! (Hannah is the less tall woman on the right of the pic, posing with our Insider, Lit Manager Joel, and our other winner Katherine at LiveRead/LA #1)

Hannah presented a short film script, and after our feedback, she re-wrote it and turned it into a TV pilot. That script then won the Script Pipeline TV contest, and placed as a Finalist in the Tracking B comp. Woohoo!
But that's not all. Based on those successes, Hannah signed with well respected Literary Manager (and a recent LRLA Insider) Brooklyn Weaver!

Big congratulations to Hannah! Here's how she describes her experience with us:

'LiveRead/LA provided me with the rare experience of hearing my words read aloud, and listening to the audience's reaction in real time. The questions I was asked that night lead me to dig deeper into my script's theme, and write a pilot that found me representation. It got me out of my comfort zone, and forced me to have conversations about my work with people who loved it, and people who didn't care for it. Those are the interactions that really push you, and allow you to grow as a writer. If you have the chance to participate in LiveRead/LA, do it.'

Thanks Hannah, and we look forward to seeing your work on screen soon!

- Tim