Success Story #4


Life's been busy for LRLA #7 winner Joshua Gilbert (seen above with our Insider Ryan Condal (Creator of 'Colony' on USA), and our other winner Holiday Kinard).

Since winning our reading in May 2017 - the following good writing news has happened for Josh:

- His winning script 'Boys of Summer' was selected by the Black List/ATX Festival Writing program.
- He signed with Affirmative Entertainment (A Management Company).
- He wrote an episode of 'The Flash' - which aired on CW on April 24.
- We wrote and produced a short film that premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival

Well done Joshua!  We're incredibly proud, and at this rate you'll be coming back as an 'Insider' sometime very soon!

The only way to guarantee you won't have success like Joshua is to give up on writing and working on improving your craft. So don't give up!

- Tim