Success Story #5 (It's big)

Huge News!!!
LRLA #9 Winner Camille Hollett-French won a big prize at a London film festival!!

Camille and team shot her winning script, and made a powerful short film.

Along with a groovy trophy, Camille won a 20,000 English Pound prize!! That's $26,147 USD on today's exchange rate.
This script is one of  my very favorites - it's intense, emotional, and not afraid to be raw and painful - but in a compelling, not self indulgent way.

This was one of the easiest winning selections I've made - and I'm so completely proud of Camille for the film she's made. And it's her first script/film!!
Huge congratulations to Camille, her partner Paul, her team, Craghoppers and

So proud!
- Tim